A revolutionary extinguishing agent!

Lithium-ion batteries are part of our daily lives: smartphones, tablets, laptops, latest generation appliances, e-cigs, bicycles and electric scooters, cars, etc.

For our safety it’s important to know that, in the event of a failure of a lithium-ion battery, the common powder, foam or carbon dioxide extinguishers are not able to counteract, nor to extinguish the flames of a possible fire.

Thanks to the extinguishing technology of the AVD (Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion) innovative principal the fire is suffocated, preventing possible re-ignitions and propagations. For this reason, specific fire extinguishers adopting AVD protection should be used to combat lithium-ion battery fires.

G.I.E.M. Ghirardelli has always been at the forefront of the fire protection industry, and has selected for its customers the best manual fire-fighting device on the market: Lithium Fire, the only one really capable of extinguishing any fire caused by lithium-ion batteries.

G.I.E.M. Ghirardelli is a supplier, distributor and certified installer for Lithium Fire extinguishers.


Safe for everyone

The AVD extinguishing agent is a natural mineral-based product, vermiculite, non-toxic to humans, plants and animals.
The water contained in the dispersion absorbs the heat, helping extinguishing the fire, while the vermiculite forms a film around the battery, isolating it from the oxygen present in the air and cooling it further, thus preventing re-ignition.



The 500 ml size fire extinguisher is ideal for small devices (smartphones, electronic cigarettes), for home use and in environments with limited space (car interior).


Different sizes of fire extinguishers suitable as manual fire protection devices inside the company premises for workers safety and protection.


Large-format fire extinguishers suitable for an industrial environment in addition to the regular fire-fighting equipment, for large installations and energy storages.


Marine fire extinguishers are MED approved, EN3 certified and CE marked. The different formats are suitable for both industrial and private use.



with approved STORAGE and PACKAGING

Lithium batteries packing and storage is a crucial phase, since this procedure allows to completely eliminate the risks of dangerous reactions, such as short circuits, heat development, electrolyte leaks.
Obviously, it is necessary to use approved containers made with specific materials.

G.I.E.M. Ghirardelli, leader in the Fire Protection sector, uses Airbank certified products to ensure safe storage of damaged or defective lithium batteries:

  • steel drums with pressure relief valve;
  • polyethylene containers;
  • steel containers;
  • cardboard containers;
  • mineral absorbent powder.