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At the G.I.E.M. Ghirardelli store, in via dei Mirti in Imperia (a side street of via Argine Destro), è a disposizione dei Clienti un reparto completo di utensileria e ferramenta con prodotti delle migliori marche.

In particular, tools such as: combination wrenches, socket wrenches, screwdrivers, precision screwdrivers, impact wrenches, drills and dowels, mini-tools, core drills, wreckers, grinders, cutting machines, band saw machines, alternative saws, sanding machines, column drills, bench grinders, pipe cutters, pipe wrench, hydraulic hand tools, threading and tapping tools.

Tool accessories such as: bits, cutting and abrasive discs, blades for cutting and sawing machines, diamond crowns, spindles.

Measurement tools such as: spirit levels, laser distance meters, tripods, measurement accessories.

High and low pressure materialcompressed air fittings, hoses for compressed air and gas, pressure reducers for technical, food and medical gases.

Lifting materials and equipment: manual hoists, slings, fixed and swivel hooks, shackles, hydraulic pallet trucks.

Welding equipment, such as electrode welders, everything for oxyacetylene welding with torch, TIG; with all our SIAD gas availability.


Only the best of

  • Mechanical hand tools
  • Battery and electrical tools
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Measurement tools
  • Cold and hot water cleaners
  • Equipment for welding and oxyacetylene cutting, electrode welding, continuous wire and TIG
  • Compressors
  • Generating sets


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