Fire fighting, first aid

Staff training through first aid courses and firefighting courses (low and medium risk) is not a cost but an investment for companies.
Relying on G.I.E.M. Ghirardelli means having the certainty that the courses are carried out with professionalism and competence thanks also to the field tests and to the classroom equipped with a fumes chamber.

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anti-fire 97%
first aid 91%


Low- and medium-risk anti-fire courses

We organize and carry out fire fighting courses (low and medium risk) for all staff members both at our site and at Customer site.
Our facility has a teaching room equipped with a fumes chamber and a test area for a complete training of fire fighting staff.


First aid courses

We organize and carry out first aid courses and related updates at our site with the collaboration of the best professionals in the sector.

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G.I.E.M. Ghirardelli in accordance with the provisions

by Legislative Decree 81/2008 and by the Ministerial Decree 10 March 1998

organizes courses at its own premises or at the Customer’s headquarters.

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